Our Story…….

For 10 years, I owned and bred Pomeranians for show. I produced multiple champions. Due to personal circumstances, I was forced to give it up. I swore I would never own another dog. Until one day I was looking on Facebook and saw the cutest little puppy. From day one, he stole my heart. And everyone else’s that crossed his path. Then, I needed to get him some company, as he requires a LOT of attention. I got a second Yorkie. At that point, I realized that I fell in love with the breed. Not just my baby. And so began my addiction. I became part of the Yorkie community, and am obsessed. But there are a lot of scammers, and low quality breeders out there that think they can just turn a quick buck. My goal is to keep families out of pet stores, and veterinarians offices. And provide them with healthy, high quality options. I breed for health and temperament. If a Yorkie is the breed for you, then you want to get it from someone that loves them as much as you do. All of my dogs are registered, and DNA tested for health prior to making the decision to breed them. I don’t have availability often, but I do have a waiting list. I can refer reputable breeders also. I can’t keep them all. I do place young adults from time to time.